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1. Loxo Dental

Loxo Dental

Welcome to Loxo Dental Practice. We are experienced general dentists in Christchurch for sedation dentistry and for root canal treatments with a microscope – and we’re open on Sundays! ‍ Many people live in fear of the dentist due to pain and discomfort. Sedation dentistry is the solution! What is sedation dentistry? At its most basic, this form of dentistry allows patients to be consciously sedated. Under conscious sedation, patients are still semi-awake but less aware of their surroundings and less anxious. This means that you can still respond to prompts but you won’t be as stressed about someone sticking their hands and dental tools in your mouth! The sedation dentistry option is best for patients who experience high levels of anxiety when visiting the dentist, as well as anyone partaking in longer procedures. We are one of a select few sedation dentists in Christchurch – if you avoid trips to the dentists because of pain or the fear associated with it, come and talk to us. Our approach will change your whole attitude to visiting the dentist. ‍ But dealing with painful situations is not all we do. Along with wisdom teeth removals, root canal treatments and emergency work, we also provide dental services covering dentures and restorative procedures, implants, and essential dental hygiene. We are open all week, Monday to Friday, and are one of a small number of Christchurch dentists open on Sundays. For effective, high quality and affordable dental services in Christchurch, get in touch with your friendly local dentists in Papanui today. Visit for more info. (Hits: 371)

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2. NZ Orthodontics

NZ Orthodontics

At Laser LifeCARE� we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, and invite all our clients into a long-term care programme to ensure your teeth are always well looked after, no matter what stage of your life. (Hits: 112)

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3. Philip Sanford Orthodontist

Philip Sanford Orthodontist

Philip Sanford has worked as a Specialist Orthodontist in the Southland area for 30 years. Patients are provided with a personalised treatment plan including all options and fees. (Hits: 387)

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4. Tooth Fairy Dental

Tooth Fairy Dental

Tooth Fairy Dental locally owned and bringing smiles to The Bay since 2001. Our Dental professionals love what they do, are committed to exceptional service (Hits: 345)

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