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1. Carwardin Business Broker

Carwardin Business Broker

I am a business broker Most of my work is directly with business sellers (owners). When I meet with my clients I am not fixated on one particular outcome or course of action – the question for me as a broker is what is best for you and your business. I will adapt my approach to your business and situation, not the other way round. Coming from a professional advisor background, I can work closely with your exsiting professional advisors. Together we will consider all exit strategies available to you, including the ones that you might prefer. Of course, I am interested in taking to potential buyers as well and am often having discussions about what opportunities I am seeing in the market. (Hits: 23)

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2. Husys Consultant Limited

Husys  Consultant Limited

At Husys we strive for the client Business Excellence. We are a very young organization with 27 years of average age with more than 300 years of collective experience. Our effort is to enhance the capabilities of businesses in utilizing the most important Human Resource. (Hits: 290)

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3. Insignis - Construction Project Managers

Insignis - Construction Project Managers

Project management in Queenstown from Insignis is a step above the rest. Providing professional construction development and project management services for Queenstown from 2005. Insignis bring their high level of commitment, expertise and integrity to all of their projects to ensure that these are successful. (Hits: 86)

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