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11. Viceversa Design

Viceversa Design

Personal portfolio of italian graphic design, alessandro giammaria (Hits: 608)

Listed in: Web Design, Graphics, Illustration, Italy By: viceversa

12. dream web creation, an indian company providing web designing and flas

dream web creation, an indian company providing web designing and flas

Web Design Company India,Logo Designing Company,Attractive Flash Presentation, (Hits: 220)

Listed in: Business, Italy By: anand.baba

13. Infinite-Fire


There are loads of new features in this incarnation of Infinite-Fire - the reviews section is completely new, and if you want your site reviewed, just contact us. We now have over 75(!) unique articles on all aspects of web design and this number is growing every day! (Hits: 142)

Listed in: Internet, User Groups, Web Design, United States By: graham

14. Doublespark - Search Engine Optimisation

Doublespark - Search Engine Optimisation

Doublespark is an SEO firm offering UK Search Engine Optimisation servicesand Website Design skills to both national and local areas including: UK, London, Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton, Coventry, Norwich, Leicester, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Corby. (Hits: 440)

Listed in: Internet, Services, Computers, United Kingdom By: graham

15. quardDesigns


A third party Web Design firm providing designs for other web designers. (Hits: 403)

Listed in: Web Design, Design, Europe By: quarddesigns

16. SILVIA - web design portfolio

SILVIA - web design portfolio

Personal site and web portfolio of a Italian web designer (Hits: 308)

Listed in: Personal Homepages, Italy By: flapper

17. Beyond Your Box

Beyond Your Box

Beyond-Your-Box (dot) com is Saudi Arabia based designer Hussam Banjar's online portfolio which showcases his graphic design artworks and his web designs. (Hits: 192)

Listed in: Graphics, Web Design, Illustration, Saudi Arabia By: hussam-banjar

18. Zinni Design

Zinni Design

This is the online portfolio and blog of Art Director Anthony J. Zinni. He specializes in Print material, branding, and Standards compliant Websites. (Hits: 225)

Listed in: Design, Graphics, Illustration, United States By: ajzinni

19. The Best Designs - The Best Flash and CSS Web Design

The Best Designs - The Best Flash and CSS Web Design

Features the best flash and css web design examples on the Internet, web design gallery, and web design resources. (Hits: 261)

Listed in: Internet, Directories, User Groups, United States By: graham